Arent Lievens & Ewout Lievens

Together we are BELTRANSPORT - Belgian Transport Lawyers

Established in 1995, Beltransport is a belgian law firm consisting of 2 senior partners, qualified lawyers. A large part of our work is concentrated on serving UK Clients within the transport sector.


Both partners Arent and Ewout Lievens (brothers) have studied in the UK, and are experienced in Belgium-UK dealings. We often handle matters such as Customs, Traffic Law & Police, etc. all over Belgium.


Arent is lawyer with 18 years of international experience. A member of the Bar Association since 1995, he has been dealing with cases all over Europe, Asia, N-Africa and the Middle East. He combines the strict legal/procedural side of projects, with a practical business-results driven attitude.


Ewout is a lawyer with 13 years of extensive court experience. He deals with the strictly procedural side of cases in Belgium. He pleads & deals with cases from Police Court up to the High Court and Appeal Courts.


The Law Firm is also the one stop contact point for all your dealings with Belgium, and will happily act as your local support. We have a network of Belgian lawyers throughout Belgium, and run a 24h emergency service (mainly for Police matters).


When it comes to contract negotiation, we are highly efficient in working with your UK solicitor in order to expand your business, or look after your business interest within Belgium.

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